In addition to our standard sauna facilities, we also offer a new and original lounge experience called Löyly Camp. The Finnish word "löyly" refers to the steam or heat emitted from a sauna. As part of this experience, we create effects with lighting, temperature, sound, and aromas in the lounge space. You also get to experience Finnish-style sweating with intense hot blasts of air generated by towels and the overwhelming exhilaration of cooling down. You can take part in this experience in a group or with a friend while still wearing your resort robe.

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Löyly Camp cost ¥500 per person
Location 3rd floor
Start times Weekdays/11:00、13:00、15:00、17:00、19:00、21:00
Weekends, public holidays and special days/11:00、12:30、14:00、15:30、17:00、19:30、21:00

Bookings are required for Löyly Camp. Please enquire at the information desk on the 3rd floor.